Friday, May 6, 2011

.the project.

a little over a year ago i finished folding 1000 paper cranes. at the time it did not seem that it would be too difficult but in the end i was folding those cranes for a total of about 2 years. there is a terribly moving story behind the idea of 1000 cranes. let me share it with you here:

"An old Japanese legend said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes so pleases the gods, the folder is granted a wish.  One of the most well know stories is Sadako and her 1,000 paper cranes. Sadako Sasaki a Japanese girl who tried to stave off her death from leukemia as a result of radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II by making one thousand origami cranes. In the end she only folded 644 and then upon her death her friends had folded the rest burying them with her."

here is a picture of my 1000 cranes:

where did i get all this beautiful paper you ask? well, conveniently they now make a 1000 crane kit you can buy fairly cheep. it was all written in Japanese, but a origami picture is the same no matter what language you speak. so no problem there. here is the link in case any one is interested:

1000 Cranes Kit

now that the build up is done here is the dirt on my next project. i intend on folding 6,893 paper cranes. why? 6,893 is currently the number of casualties (American and from our allies; while the total from our allies is only a few hundred they too are just as important) from our War on Terror which are the fallen soldiers both from Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). obviously, as the war ensues so do our loses. this number will go up how much and for how long i am unsure. here is the game plan:
  • all cranes will be folded in black with the exception of the soldiers from our allying countries
  • each crane will have the individual soldier's name written on that crane in the same order for which they passed
  • the names will be written in purple 
my personal hope in this is that i can personally say that i have acknowledge and shown my appreciation and gratitude to each and every person that has fallen for this cause. regardless of how i feel about the war i do feel that i owe them this and to honor their families as well.

i have been thinking for quite some time about this project. making notes and sketches, finding the list; in order of death of each fallen soldier and finding the black origami paper.  i feel now is the time i want to pursue this.

so here is to the first step in this project: the paper came today! well, the first 160 pieces... lol


  1. Yep 2 years sounds about right!! Woohoo this is an awesome project and I have done it too! You are amazing!

  2. This sounds like a very worthwhile and meaningful project. The rainbow cranes look beautiful together. The black ones will be profound. Ganbatte!