Monday, May 16, 2011

.self portrait. black & white.

there really is nothing worse than scanning a painting onto your computer. Jesus. it took me forever. this is a black and white piece i did of a photo in a San Fransisco bathroom. at the good ol'e "squat and gobble." super tasty breakfast! if you have a chance you should eat there. 
this is how my process worked out:
  1. i found a rad photo of my self with a interesting but easy background (sunglasses really help take some difficulty away)
  2. i uploaded the photo into photshop and made it black and white
  3. next i cropped the photo into what part(s) i want to draw most or are the most appealing
here are the two photos i had used for the piece:

the color photo was taken with my iPhone and it is a bit blurry, not a big deal. the less lines i have to look at the better!  obviously, i had cropped quite a bit of the original picture down. just trying to get my face and some sweet graffiti in a public bathroom. don't hate! bathrooms can be really interesting spaces to have photo shoots! 
i considered uploading the the finished piece into photoshop and taking out the lines, but i decided that the next couple hours left of the night would be enjoying a tasty beer. not photoshopping a picture that i feel really is not worth the time. anyways, i ended up doing a practice drawing which then turned into a black and white painting. sadly though, i painted it on some cheep paper that after many layers was not holding up. i wanted to do some better shading and finishing but if the paper is denigrating then i guess its not going to happen! lesson learned do not paint on impulse take the time and grab your canvas.

i was in the "mode" going, going, going, my sketch was looking so great! why not paint on it! besides what are the odds your actually going to paint something you will be proud of.  o-well. it was fun while it lasted. this was a mix of water color and acrylics. 


  1. Great painting! Normally, I'm not a big fan of graffiti, but it look s fantastic here. I love that you've transformed it into a real piece of art. Cool sunglasses, too! Too bad it's on inexpensive paper, but I can totally relate to giving into impulse.

  2. I am loving this!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. I am so terrible with doing things like that. I need to commit to doodling on something that will last! ahah!