Tuesday, May 3, 2011

.the man eater.

this is a pen and ink drawing that i have been working on for the last two years or so. some times i feel i do not have the skills at the time to continue drawing certain parts of the picture. so i wait. i wait and practice on something else until i feel confident that what i am about to draw will work with the piece. nothing worse then adding something to a picture that already has so much time invested. only to realize you just destroyed it. this is how it is for this one. i just can not work on it all the time. it seems like it is these moments that really test my skills as a artist. these are the doubtful questions always running through my mind, "can i draw this part realistically enough? will people know what that part is? is any one paying attention to the details? should i continue working this..?" 

this here is just a short list of my main concerns. i am sure the artists out there in the world can relate. here are the problems i find with this piece:

  •     line vs. scribbly
  •     do i black out some parts but not the other
  •     border
  •     do i scan this into photoshop to add color
  •     do the butterflies look like monarchs
  •     is the bottom of the picture holding more detail then the upper half


  1. I love it. It Go's with a play that I'm working on with some friends from school....It's Great..

  2. AMAZING!!!!! I am so proud of you! Hugs J

  3. Oh, I LOVE pen and ink! You have great lines. Whoa, that must have taken a long time with the hair. It looks great so far!

  4. me 2! it wasn't until i was poking around for inspiration that i fell upon your blog and also on Otto Bjornik's Pen and Ink Blog as well... I AM SO IMPRESSED BY YOUR WORKS!!! amazing!