Monday, July 4, 2011

.another vault.

every time i think i have time to do something i actually don't! ah, how ridiculous and why does that happen? by no fault of my own i assure you. the really exciting drawing that i am working on is taking some time. mostly because of how much i have been working and not having time or energy to sketch. however, the picture is almost done i have all the rough outline sketches finished, the body of the work has been filled in and just finishing up the details (the background). which seems to be my least favorite part. background. sometimes i just don't know what to put in the background.

i usually build my picture with the main idea and some fillers. this time however, my picture took a life of its own and it has a "under water" feel. trying to figure out how some critters are made is a tedious process. lots of sketches before i decide what is going on the final piece.

so while this process happens here is another doodle from the vault:

I have been working on doing some vector imagining with this piece. my mom had bought me a wamcom tablet for christmas and that thing is awesome!  it really beats using a mouse to do all this work. hopefully in the next month or so I will have the piece done and all snazzy.

this picture when finished should get my rusty illustrator skills up to par. that and i would like to make this into a sticker... well, that is the hope at least.

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