Saturday, July 23, 2011

Te presento a : El océano que se ríe

Through the squishy round toes came a soft crunching. There it was, a rounded figure standing among the coral. Tall and tiny it swayed. The fingers seemed to rub together and wait; it was waiting. As fast as the story started it had just ended. Nothing more or less was left to see.

Without further a du, “Te presento a : El océano que se ríe” ( I present you to: The ocean that laughs)
I can appreciate my own attention to detail. Even though, no matter how much detail there is always feel there is so much room for more. If everything on paper could just be lines and shapes and figures growing into nothing. That would be fine for me.
(I just couldn't get a good clean scan of the picture. Partly due to the fact that the picture is large and my scanner is small. Thanks for understanding every body!)


  1. Really awesome Sharon. Much better than most of the illustrations to come out of the art dept at UNR!!How big is this? - Amerique

  2. The piece is 11 x 14 inches. Your so nice Amerique! Thank you for your comment its nice to hear good feed back from a pro! :D

  3. This is really nice. I love the contrast of textures and the blacks and whites in this.:)