Monday, August 1, 2011

.i just want to color.

Today I woke up and said, "I want to color." However, I do not have anything to color, no coloring books or anything of the like. Thinking that the abundant internet should have lots of coloring book stuff I could easily print out, I went searching. Unfortunately, I found nothing but a slew of horrible hand draw pictures and children stuff. Totally boring. So I drew my own picture and colored it in!

This is the result:
The shapes in the more bright colors are birds. I have been doodling with shapes and figures. Something I really do enjoy a whole bunch. Apart from drawing with pen and ink this is a way to get something done quick and easy. Hopefully, in the future I will progress the idea into something really neat.


  1. Very interesting use of color...I can definately see the birds - the eye is drawn to each one. Way cool - Like!! Becky

  2. Uhmmm.. I don't understand why you have to search the web for something to color when you can do something as beautiful as this?:D