Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know it's been forever! So, this month on October 16th me and a friend are running a marathon. Crazy I know. Let me just say all my time has been consumed by running. Since a marathon is 26.2 miles every week I have to run 2 short runs which are about 6 miles each then a medium length run usually around 10 miles then on the weekend I have to run a long run which is at 18 miles now. It is pretty ridiculous. That being said there just is no time for anything else. When this is over though it is going to be awesome! Back to normal! Or well just more free time.

Until then, here is a quick doodle of some lettering.

The word is Panda:
 I just love these Moleskin notebooks. How simple and easy, I have several of these guys all with different covers. Nothing on the inside yet though! haha. I should really keep better track of my sketch books.


  1. You will rock the run and I can't even begin to count all the sketch books I have..sigh!

  2. your own strength of character and deep compassion for why you are running will keep you going! Just wish I could be there to hand you blue Powerade (my favorite), or whatever else you may need along the journey!! As far as sketch books...that's a great idea... I keep misplacing all the notes I leave myself! Haha!