Monday, November 14, 2011


pencil drawing from 01

There are a few parts of the human body that take a bit longer to get the hang of. One of those is hands. So much detail and the positioning is important as well.

This sketch on the left is my first attempt at drawing hands. My lines are so sharp and ridged. Smooth edges just were not happening back then (drawing is from 01'). Somethings do stay the same though as you can see from another study of hands below.

pencil sketch of hands in math class 05'

The things I learned in school. Well, this was actually part of my "math notes" in college. Lots of learning going on there. The idea stays the same but my lines have a more flowing gentle look instead of my sharp rectangular bend edging from above. I kept the tiny wrists and huge hands idea.. A theme that I still continue to use in my work.
first micron pen sketch 06'

Let me just give a shout out to Micron Pens. These are the best pens ever. EVER. Fine tips, long lasting points and ink. Hardly ever smearing and I can get into such detail that is otherwise not possible with pencils and other pens. Just saying, if you haven't tried these you should.

This sketch I had felt comfortable drawing the right hand as I had used my left hand for a reference (since I am right handed). As you can see my sketch of the left is not existent. Not having a hand model and having to keep putting my hand down to draw the other was just not working. So holding a flower it is then!

 Practice really does make perfect. When it comes to things like art and music. People tend to think these things "just happen." Well, they don't and not with out much effort and practice. I tell most people, "anyone can draw but the good ones just practice more."

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