Tuesday, March 20, 2012

.for my companions.

.the companions. (original pen and ink)
I know it must of been a while since my last post. Better late then never I say. These pen and ink drawings seem to take a life time. Either that or I am just preoccupied with other life things.

Though I am not too excited about the quality of the original scan for this piece. I am happy it is finished! It was just a pen and ink, typical of what I really enjoy drawing. I decided to throw down this quick sketch so that I could color it in. I am needing to work on my color skills; since all I enjoy usually is black and white. Not going to be good at coloring until I start coloring. Practice has officially started.

The original is still my favorite. Who's iPhone doesn't take the best pics? Not to mention I love the Instagram App as well. Thanks to those two I now have two pretty nice pictures to upload for a preview (considering the piece is too large to fit in my little scanner). These are just snap shots the piece actually has lots more background and their whole bodies are drawn as well.

.the companions. (pen and ink w/sharpie)
The color piece is the addition. I added some details and then colored away. It was much harder to find balance. Not only that but I was using these awesome Sharpie markers. So fun. True that I could have scanned the picture onto my computer and used a illustrator program to fine tune and color away. Then erasing easily any mistakes with color choices however, my laptop is so tiny and my desk is also so small. Assuredly, not enough room to work comfortably with out squinting my eyes. Besides, its just practice right?

Hopefully, this will be kick starting a series I am going to pursue on the idea of Companionship. With a hopeful gallery showing next Valentines day I thought the theme of Companionship would work perfectly. Besides exploring that idea I hope to have a few other sketches posted within the next couple weeks. Thanks for hanging in there guys!


  1. I love them both, but especially the pen & ink. I hope you are publishing them or copywriting or however that's done! I think these could be extremely popular!