Wednesday, March 28, 2012

.the garden.

So I have started my seedlings! How exciting is that? I love watching seedlings pop up over the dirt. Just absolutely love it. I will keep this short and sweet. Here's some pictures from my new garden.
cucumbers (pickling)
birdhouse gourds
watermelon (yellow)
tomatoes (nineveh and rutgers)
tomatoes (nineveh and rutgers)
I am really enjoying the process of deciding what seeds and planting them. I ordered my seeds from I found all these really great heirloom seed varieties that are tough to find. "The Nineveh tomato is actually from Nineveh (formerly Mosul) Iraq, but is now said to be lost to cultivation due to the long on-going war and promotion of hybrid and gene-altered seeds. The company was given a few seeds by their Iraqi friend Aziz Nail." Took that little little piece of info right off the back of my seed packet. How great is that? How neat that I now have the chance to plant a seed that might never see life again? Just makes me feel awesome! Check out this company they have some really interesting articles and they also have a few magazines that are spectacular. 

Well, back to gardening and crafting. Guess what, I am almost done with a quilt.. What?!

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