Tuesday, May 29, 2012

.the conflict.

the conflict
Hello everybody! With life just flying by it is difficult to have any creative free time. I've been slowly developing this particular drawing. Working on the idea of companionship as last seen with my previous post. Companions can be friends or partners or in this case they can be conflicted...

the conflict

How do you show what you really feel? Is drawing a huge black scribble really reflect conflict? I could draw a violent act or bloody war. Regardless, it just does not seem right.  Does it? How do you show conflict? What is it... That one feeling you get in your deep insides that says, "I'm conflicted."

Suppose we look at why someone would feel or be conflicted. The reason behind conflict could be lies, deceit, neglect, remorse, guilt, and ect... Here we have a companion a deep connection; now whether that is forced by say, "He is my brother so..." or "They are my family..." or "This is my belief..." or "This is my duty..." There is a conflict because you have this connection that compels you to make a decision.

the conflict
A reason we could feel conflicted is because something must be done. "I must pick up the kids from school..." or "I must go to work..." or "I ought to..." The decision that is made usually is made because it will create the least amount of clean up. Until, our personal morals reflect otherwise. Though I "ought" to do many things sometimes it is in my best interest to not do those things.

I "ought" to lots of things. On the more serious side we as people have conflict either personal or irrelevant that we decide upon everyday. In this drawing I was hoping to show the "push and pull" of what that means. 

the conflict
Ya, life is so cute and great and there are babies and puppies... Yet, there is love and hate and though I love you I hate you. Go away, yet stay close; don't leave. How do you explain this? How do you explain the times you want to ring some ones neck or shake the sense into them?

It looks like right, cute little babies almost floating together. Then the push and pull starts, the conflict. The wrapping, the circular shapes, the round parts and the continuous life that keeps going. The living part with the dying parts.

the conflict
 As long as there keeps being conflict this piece should be done in a few weeks weeks. I need to put together a background and some final touches. Hopefully, this should post in a few weeks. Keep those eyes peeled I should have a series of great pieces to put out this summer. Thanks again, for watching.

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