Tuesday, July 10, 2012

.no air conditioning.

Well, it has been a hot summer so far and I've decided to show a list of photos from this past couple months. I have been outside and not inside enjoying this beautiful summer here is a recap of some fun adventures.

Murfy playing Frisbee; this pup has hops!

Murfy enjoying lake Tahoe on the 4th of July

Rose from our garden

Kings Beach (the dog side)

Farm fresh eggs from the local Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market green beans getting ready to be pickled

Dilly Beans canning recipe

Just made canned Dilly Beans

As always, thanks for reading and happy hot summer.


  1. MMMmmm...those Dilly Beans look scrumpcious!

  2. Wellll, my spelling is lacking today...let's see - scrumptious!! yeah! thank goodness for google :-)