Thursday, January 31, 2013

.photography with film.

My sincerest apologies for my delinquency. I haven't forgotten you though. Time just flies by when your working your life away. However, I have minimized my creative outlets to drawing, ceramics, photography and my sketchbook. Goodbye knitting! Goodbye crocheting! Sorry to say you guys have been taking all my time.

This past semester I took a film photography class. It was amazing. The picture taking part was, OK, but actually, developing the film was awesome. It really is a art once you get into that dark room. 
lost girl          

the home
 These were part of a 'Portrait' series. Not the typical 'Portrait' which should include a great view of eyes and a face. I just had a terrible time with such a boring topic and limited amount of free time in which to complete the assignment. So instead I became a voyeur and watched other people live their lives and took their pictures when they weren't aware. How else do you catch a honest human experience?

As you can imagine with film not all the pictures turn out or develop correctly (operator error). Leaving you with limited amounts of time to finish anything. Not to mention supplies are terribly expensive which makes mistakes extremely frustrating. I found the class more inspiring than I had originally intended. Partly due to the instructor not being a "artsy pushover" and having to create interesting content with limited time (working + art = sucks). Considering all my assignments were turned in late I still passed the class with a "B" for content and I am assuming artistic intent? Thanks Burton! I appreciate it!

 Moving forward, you should see a new site that I've been slowing working on with a more diverse and separated format. So all my creative outlets will have their own sections; just in case the reader really isn't interested in ceramic art or plants.

This should also help keep me on track with projects and inspiring ideas. Instead of meshing it all together. Something in my life needs to be organized and lets face it, it isn't my mind or my house.

I hope to see you all this 2013 and hope you find my little slot on the internet interesting. See you next week! 

Thanks for watching!

Sharon Johnson

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  1. Nice work, Sharon! I enjoy your creative outlets. I find that watching other people can be very interesting indeed.