Thursday, August 22, 2013

.end of summer.

I am so sorry for my absenteeism! This summer has been full of some really exciting and eventful days. First off...

I accidentally ran over my Canon SLR with my brother's truck... Ya... Doesn't sound like an accident but it was, I swear! Luckily! We have insurance on it and I can replace the camera. Unfortunately... That means no pictures except from my little phone (Galaxy III). Hopefully, I will be getting a call that my camera is ready for pick up this next week. Then more pictures...

Second, Tim got back into the military! Well, Army National Guard and the rest of his education is now paid for. No student loans = awesome.

Third, I went part time! I know right! Who would have thought? Now that I am part time I'll be going back to school full time to get my BA in Fine Art. Also, I have an opportunity to TA for the Photography department. Super excited, a bit nervous and happy that the department thinks I'm qualified enough to TA.

Then last and the most exciting... I have an opportunity to help curate a new contemporary modern art gallery in town. Hopefully, the gallery (can't reveal the name yet) will be up and going the middle of September. Once things get a bit closer I will post additional information. Stay tuned!

In the meantime here are some new works:

monochromatic under paining (oil on canvas)
tonal value (oil on canvas)
 The painting is from a photo shoot this last spring out in the Black Rock desert. This zombie girl was one of our models. I edited the photo a bit and then sketched it onto the canvas. Working with oil paints is much better than acrylics though the drying time is something I'm not quite use to. While I wait for my layers to dry I've been working on some pen and ink pictures like this:

repetition and form (pen and ink)

Working on some repetition and form. I've been into repeating ideas lately or repetition in general. Something meditative about doing the same thing over and over.

Until next time happy end of summer everybody! See you all soon!

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  1. I am always thrilled by your artwork. Very moving.