Monday, December 15, 2014

.first day off.

Today is the first day I have had off since this last semester started. It seems like there is so much to say... I've gotten a handful of request for more pen and ink drawings... I have tried to work on a couple but nothing seems to be coming together very well. Here is something that fell out of my head today:

This is a quick sketch.. maybe 2 hours. After looking at it for a while... It seems to encompass how the last few months have felt. Like too much coffee, not enough sleep and a bit of delirium. Maybe a little jitters and something shy too.

Pen and ink can be difficult, you can't erase it once it is down, pencil there is room to adjust (you can erase it) but once you hit the paper... you can't go back. Ironically, one of my markers started running out of juice. The black and white isn't as consistent as I would like but what can you do with the tools you have?

When you make art there's lots of sketching, thinking, more sketching, self loathing, and hopefully a good result at the end... Sometimes, you make something that looks awful but most people like it and then you make something that looks amazing and everyone hates it... This... my friends... Is the difference between art aesthetic and art for arts sake.

In school they say, "technique, purpose, meaning! You can't just draw something without thinking about it ahead of time! Saint's preserve us!" So you draw, you draw linens, still life's, so many still life's, you practice techniques the masters used.. you draw more linens... Wait, how old is Michelangelo David? The 1500's? We are still doing art styles from the 1500's...? ERMAGERD!

So I say, "If I am trying to imitate art that Michelangelo is doing then why does it matter if I go to school for art or not?"

Then I think, "I can teach myself all these still life techniques..." and I drink more coffee, "I am not the next Michelangelo..." I take another sip of my coffee thinking this should be some scotch, "Why imitate the dead, how can art survive if all we do is copy the past... If all we do is live in the past..."

Time passes...

"Wait, I don't have to do it this way, art should be an expression of the moment, or a moment, my moment... your moment..."
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