Thursday, February 19, 2015

.early spring.

This year seems to be popping up with a early spring. Not a good sign with how much precipitation we have not had. Looks like there will be tons of fires this year and who knows how many 100+ degree days!

Things have been busy at the university. Took a wintermester class that was grueling and doing a full load this semester. Time just flies by!

Physics looks fun on the outside but then you quickly realize it's not as exciting as you thought:

It could be worse but lets not think of that. I'm going to be super excited to be done with physics and on to the more interesting things like biology.

I did also land a really neat opportunity. I am doing photography for a company called Jimmy Beans Wool it's a rad yarn shop. Here are some peaks at the pictures:

I have been spending my free time working with a great team from Jimmy Beans Wool putting together photoshoots. It is pretty fun making a little money on the side and doing something you really enjoy! It is a great way to work a little while I try to finish up my BA in Biology. 

I originally did some photos for a friend at Unraveled Designs she does knitwear designs and dyes her own yarn. Crazy, I know, but pretty amazing too. We both work at Jimmy Beans Wool and before I knew it I was working on photos for the company. Fashion photography is pretty dynamic and a lot better than working a "normal" job. Feeling pretty grateful. 

Apart from that time is just speeding by. I really can't wait until Spring Break or summer for that matter. Winter is nice and all but nothing like long summer days and cool summer nights. It just is simply the best.

Until next time!

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