Tuesday, April 28, 2015

.school is hard.

Taking a homework break/study break from all the assignments I should still do. Went and did a photoshoot out at the Black Rock Desert with students from the photo classes at TMCC. The weather was amazing and not too hot just typically hot for the desert in the the spring time.

I took these photos with my digital and then used Lightroom to convert them to black and white. Added some grain and lighting twists to create something a little moody. Something that looks more like film but doesn't require the work or time.. Which, I'm laking lately.

At these shoots everyone wants to be the photographer but no one really wants to model. I kinda forced these kids to model for me. It was a trade though because I modeled for them first so I guilted them into it. You can see how uncomfortable they feel. I think it is because I had them stand together but not looking at each other or in the same direction. I'm sure they could feel how awkward it is to do something so impersonal.

I was hoping to catch some tension or angst, if I would have had a little more time with them I think I could have worked on the angle and arrangement. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them. Working with the idea of being together but separate, working together but alone.

I think I'm experiencing a little mental fatigue from school. Taking Physics, Chemistry and Calculus at the same time with a easy class was a bit ambitious... Luckily, you can retake classes and it's not too big a deal, just money.

Also, neat, I'm doing a internship with Washoe County and get to test bugs and chickens for diseases. Hang out with engineers on project sites to make sure watersheds and all that are properly constructed. That will be a nice transition from school into working outside.

Also, there's a helicopter...

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